Who am i?

I’m sure many of us do think about this question in one or the other time in their lives that who are they? But like most of us, we just tell our name, age, gender etc. As our answer to this particular question. Is it so? Hell yes!
But if one thinks deep about it they’ll find out who they are and get they are. But my friend, the problem is that we ourselves have no idea who we are. We are humans they say, but do they act like one? The simple answer to the question “who am i?” is that we are the universe, the sky, the moon, the sun, the wind, the thunderstorm, the earth, the environment, the tsunami, the waves, the river, the rock, the sand and what not, my friend! What not?
We are simple but complex.
We are high but low at the same time.
We are flying but in an airplane.
We are dust but together a tornado.
We are precious (as diamond) yet found in coal.
We are humans yet monsters.
Most of all, we are unsatisfied.
Unsatisfied after all that we have,
For a man with a bike, is unsatisfied as he wants a car.
For a man with a car wants a better car, maybe the best.
For a man with the best car wants a villa.
For a man with both wants to live in peace but still stressed out of his work.
No one here is satisfied.
I don’t know, when will one ever be.
I see poor children being more happy than us who have everything we need by the grace of Allah.
A man once said,
I can buy everything but still i am poor.
Simply means that a man has everything, he can buy all those diamonds out there. But what he lacks is the love he can never buy, the emotions he can never buy.
Now have you got the answer of “who am i?”
Neither do i.



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  1. Absolutely astounding! I have been asking myself this question more and more because of blogs like yours. There is a whole WORLD I’m missing because I’ve been programmed some way, but I want to find out who I am and what I deserve. Beautiful and thought-inspiring, hon

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, this means alot to me. Even i wonder at times who am i to be very honest? And such thoughts lead to a blog on wordpress isn’t it? It’s all about the beauty of our mind that we think so deep and look for unseen/ unheard answers from our own selves. If we ask ourselves about the decisions we make whether it’s worth it? Or not? Then it’ll be a pretty simpler life. We humans keep on making stuff complicated..i guess people don’t know the word complicated was itself made by a person only. Sorry, got too deep. Hahahh! Anyway, thanks alot.

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      1. Honesty and anger have moved my world from black depression to simple HOPE again, and I found it in words and pieces like yours. I am a victim of emotional manipulation due to child abuse and I spend so much time struggling to live in the freedom of my individuality and not the rules imposed on me by my abuser. I see a world I can at least TRY for before I die again. Who am I to watch life and not participate? Do I not have the RIGHT to salvage joy and beauty from ashes, I ask myself? This Post was amazing. Keep speaking!

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      2. I am grateful that my words inspired you. You are a strong person and thats the key to everything. You can achieve heights my friend. You surely can! What’s gone is gone..all that now is a thing of the past. I know you cannot forget it as most people say “just forget it” because i know, you can’t forget it. But you have to make your mind to realise that you don’t have to live with the negative thoughts. You need to move on! This is not the end of the world..this world is so bright and beautiful that one can do nothing but observe the beauty of it. Everyone has problems in their lives what matters is how we face them. We have to seek the positive and be the optimist. Being a pessimist will lead to depression and how can anyone die depressed? God has given us this beautiful world to live in. To seek for the truth and inner beauty of people. To observe and to innovate. We have to move on. I remember one saying at present that will make you happy if you’re sad and sad if you are happy (confusing isn’t it?) What would it be? Can u guess? Nope? Okay i’ll tell you. ” this time will not last forever” i.e if you’re happy ( life says hahah wait for it) πŸ˜‚ if you’re sad life says don’t worry hon! This time won’t last forever, will it? 😊 we have to accept what we have been through and i salute you for being so strong! πŸ‘ keep writing! Inspire people but firstly inspire yourself and most of all the bullshit, LOVE yourself hon! Have a great life. Seek for the positive. Stay strong and laugh hard because you CAN! I don’t even know you and i can say that. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ Good luck, mate! Thank you.

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      3. I am so glad I met you! These words are what I kept telling myself so long before I got this blog and reached out to others for the motivation and inspiration I couldn’t find in myself anymore! I have forgiven my parents, but don’t know how to rid myself of the filth that sticks to my mind and heart like dog crap sticks to your shoe if you step in it. It has answered my cry for help so that I can find this beauty of life that you speak of, dear. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me!

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      4. Don’t thank me dear. You are seeking motivation here n there. You don’t know it’s within you. You are full of motivation and optimism, you just need to relax. Take your time..but throw that show with the dog crap i mean either buy a new shoe or just wash it off. It needs to be cleaned. One can’t take dog crap everywhere they go. Can they? Thank you. You’re so inspiring to me mate. I thought i got bad percentage in school am so dumb and stuff..and now i feel those were such small things in front of your situation. I’m here for you when you need to talk. Always. πŸ™‚


      5. I can’t tell you what depression is like., what I can tell you is what happiness isn’t like. I have sought and found good stuff to lose it right before I could call myself stable. I am constantly trying to find my courage-I mean, I know it’s THERE, dammit, I just can’t find it when I need it to use! I am always locked into dependency and I can’t stand the thought of that anymore. I have no idea of how to relax, paranoia has been a huge part of my life since 12, and under my surface appearance, I’m a wreck. I’m working on a do-or-die plan, though, hee hee! Where I put everything on the line and try to hold it together, like my parents will not be an option for help anymore after all this crap.

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      6. I understand hon..
        I know saying all this stuff on a blog or inspiring by such words is very easy. The person who has gone through shit knows way better than me. I don’t know what depression is like because by the grace of allah i havent been depressed. I sometimes feel sad because my best friend doesn’t have time for me anymore..we were so close to each other the past year n i see how everything has changed now. I feel disappointed cuz i always thought our friendship is the FOREVER kind..but i didn’t know that forever lasts for just a few minutes. I feel i’ll go into depression but i try to distract myself from such thoughts by studying..:’) everyone has prob. We just have to face this crap mate…


      7. Oh no! I have a good friend who is an RNA. She is a wonderful person I’ve known since junior high and has a kid and boyfriend. I feel like I am 2 friends to her because I haven’t told her how miserable I am under all my crazy drinking and sex stories, so I’m twice as alone because I didn’t know if I could share this with her or not. Forever is a state of mind-we don’t talk to each other for literally months at a time, but when we get the ‘I’ll shoot her a text’ thought we try to act on it. Lol, life moves fast and it’s an all-in race just to finish all my plans by my kids bedtime, much last sit and chat. Do you have any children or relationships going?

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      8. Hahahahah nope! No relationships nor children.. i’m only 17 and in 12th class in school. Gonna be 18 in nov. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ what’s your age? I mean you have kids? Woah, awesome! πŸ˜‚

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      9. It’s allowed, fortunately Just no location on and hours cut off at 10 pm My curfew is 8.30 on weekdays and 9.30 on weekends It’s going to be a huge adjustment but I believe it’s for the best!

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      10. I observed all the categories you mentioned in your blogs. Which are like :-

        Bad relationship with my mother
        Child Sexual Abuse
        Emotional abuse
        Identity crisis
        Surviving afterwards

        You need to let go off the past. You need to live in the present and live it to the fullest. No one can stop you from being you. Don’t let what happend to you define you, rather what you did in that situation how smart you were and how strongly you survived all of that define you. One day when you’ll look back, your story should inspire you. Your story should inspire the whole wide world. People look for suicide, you look for ways which keep you alive and awesome because thats what you’re meant to be! Love yourself, hon! No one can stop you from doing that. πŸ™‚

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      11. Wow, that is…so much more than I anticipated. I started this blog to help other people who needed help, but all of my posts kept pointing me to the unhappiness I still suffer from, and made me face that I need help. I am going to a women’s shelter for domestic violence so that I can do EXACTLY what you suggested. I have pretended for 16 years that I am not mentally imbalanced, but I have found the truth, and courage from kind people like you.

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