What is attachment? Is it a feeling? a purpose? a goal? a way of life to show we can be really crazy people when we start caring for someone or is it just about letting go? Let's talk about it. People get attached to one other when they feel like they are being listened to,... Continue Reading →


Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19 is a pandemic virus which is causing respiratory illness which as the WHO says, "At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, many ongoing clinical trials are evaluating potential treatments."  Thus, in India, We're in a Lockdown state. A complete lockdown where we can only go out... Continue Reading →

Good to be bad, Sometimes.

Hey there! You may ask yourselves sometimes, Why am I so good? Why? Does everyone really deserve my kindness? What would it feel like to be the bad guy? Should I try it? Let's find all the answers for you, my friend. You are in constant confusion because you have seen it all, You had... Continue Reading →


Hey, dreamer! what are you thinking? all alone at night on your own Hey, dreamer! do you think it is a good day to start again in reality just do some formality gotta kick start your day Hey, dreamer! what do you want? have you ever thought about that Hey, dreamer! are you still wondering... Continue Reading →


I wish things were the way they used to be Open the doors of the cage, make me free I want to fly, Up in the sky My feathers are Scared to open up wide The memories just slide, People try to hide All I believe is to wish & try Wish to be stronger, Wish to be... Continue Reading →

So Bright, So bright ♥

In the form of light wanted to do something bright all of my will last night was bright, so bright with stars shining with their light people holding hands, oh so tight I love the morning sun  It makes me feel alive I thank god for that I see the full moon at night I... Continue Reading →


I was there for you in your darkest times I was there for you in your darkest nights But i wonder where were you When i was at my worst Down on my knees You said you had my back But i wonder where were you When all the roads you took came back to... Continue Reading →


Pray for this world Where there are humans But no humanity Pray for this world Where there are minds But no sanity Pray for this world Where there are people with candle in hands It's easy for them to stand What about those who lost their lives? What about them? There are ones who are... Continue Reading →

Hardwork 🏃

What is hard work? Well, for each and every person living on this beautiful planet. The meaning of hard work is slightly different. For one, hard work would be waking up in the morning and getting ready  for school. For the amputees, hardwork is everything which include the use of hands. Hardwork according to this... Continue Reading →


How weird this night is, I wonder. I can't sleep because of all the chaos in my head..thinking about those people who love me, hate me and most of all about what I should've said. What a regretful life I am living in a place where for people a "piece of cake" is more important... Continue Reading →

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